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Account-Based Marketing Strategy 

Company: Dassault Systemes

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Increase sales from named accounts, Accelerate time to close.  While this was spread across a couple of selected accounts across industries, for this example i will focus on an account in the Transport and Mobility Segment. 


Set up an integrated marketing plan, to cover account online, and offline.


1. Review the account, understand goals and time to close lead.

2. Access the penetration into the account by the number of contacts and the designation associated with the account.  This in turn help get a sense of account penetration ( deep and wide).

3.Set up A dedicated site, for the account, this microsite was aligned to account's business priorities, and goals. ( We got insight about the goals and priorities by studying public financial statements as well as working closely with sales, shadowing meeting and listening to conversation with sales.)

4. I hand picked customer stories that aligned to the goal, verify with sales and the account manager at each step to make sure the messaging was aligned. 

5. Set up account marketing plans to amplify the messaging across the account, this was achieved by created a Tele profiling campaign which help is build a Database across the account, we then sent biweekly newsletters with the targeted messaging leading to the mini site. We also ran account/company targeted ads on LinkedIn to ensure we had aircover. 


10% increase in time to closure, increase in the influencer conversations, which lead to deep and wider account penetration increased by 200% 

Collateral Used by the campaign 

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